Little Fall Updates: 5 Ways to Celebrate Autumn

We’ve found 5 ways that you can celebrate fall and make the most of this spooky season. The fall season is the best time to get cozy and celebrate all things autumn. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting colder, and Halloween is coming up. Fall is a great time to get cozy… Continue reading Little Fall Updates: 5 Ways to Celebrate Autumn


How to Find a Top Tutor for Your Child

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Is your student struggling?

How to Find a Top Tutor for Your Child

Using a tutor is an important and often necessary step in getting your child on track with their learning. But finding the right person is more than just getting a recommendation from a friend. Use this guide to find the right instructor for your child.

Are you considering investing in a tutor or digital tutoring program? Here are five questions to ask to find the best tutor for you.

1. Qualifications

What experience does your teacher have? What kind of credentials and diplomas? How many years have they been teaching students? What kind of experience do they have with children of your age and or needs? It is important to make sure that your tutor is qualified to meet your expectations and has the skill set that can best help your student.

2. Expense

Most teachers charge…

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