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It’s been a fun week this week! Check out everything going on over at Open Art

Hello, and thank you for following! Welcome to Open Art Media’s weekly newsletter! We’ve got so many fun projects going on we just wanted to share. We want you to be the first to know about our hottest new products,  sales, articles, recipes and more! Every mailer will have exclusive coupons and special sales just for you. Keep coming back for weekly updates on our Open Art Life. Check out all of our projects and discover new ways to live #openarted.

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13956838 (1) Dusty Chevron Spiral Notebook


 There is nothing better than fresh yogurt. I go through a lot of yogurt and I never realized how cheap and easy it is to make at home. Homemade tastes even better than store bought!

Learn how here: How to Make Fresh Yogurt At Home

Pokey and Bear Splash NEW

The long summer days and cool evenings always inspire me to try new recipes. The farmstands and farmer’s markets are overflowing with produce

There cherries I found this week are super amazing!

What to do with all this yogurt? Learn how to bake a Yogurt Cake!

Looking for a way to give back, either in your community or world-wide?

Check out vList.Ninja! Create your account and list your projects or volunteer services and start creating a new world today!

vList is like that other list classifieds site–only it’s just for volunteers and volunteer projects. These projects range from small or local projects to large or world-wide endeavors–nothing is too big or too small. The idea is that by harnessing community resources both local and world-wide, we can create a non-currency based economy of solidarity and change the world. Our motto: We rise by lifting others. The only catch? No currency can change hands. Visit vList today!


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