Weekly Roundup

Have You Seen All the Sites?

Open Art is has a lot of cool new projects going on right now–check out all of the sites in the Open Art network and make sure you’re not missing out!

Open Art Media Fashion & Designer Products

Open Art Design is the “art” part of Open Art. We specialize in sustainable and organic natural products and original designs which are printed individually just for you. A portion of all sales goes directly to charitable endeavors connected with Open Art, the rest goes to funding our various projects, the majority of which are humanitarian in nature. Live #openarted. Get the latest sustainable fashions. Show your support, knowing that you’re giving back to the world at large. 


OGOSH is a source for practical information regarding homesteading and sustainability. This includes such varied topics like: permaculture techniques, survival skills, sustainable building techniques, herbalism, and much much more! Part of living #openarted is leaving a small footprint on the world. Learn how here!

Shhh…. vList isn’t quite ready yet–but feel free to pop in and take a look. In fact, we’d love it if you’d test out our classified boards and let us know what you think! Eventually, vList will be a portal connecting volunteers with projects world-wide. These projects will vary in size from micro to macro projects, connecting individuals to each other and to larger non-profit and charitable aid organizations. The purpose is to create an economy of solidarity and for us all to rise by lifting others. Be a Ninja. Join vList today!

Pokey and Bear Splash NEW

Hey there! This is the personal journal of Gabrielle, the founder and owner of Open Art Media. We believe that transparency is important as well as accountability. Gabrielle wants to show how she “walks the talk.” Come with her as she travels the world building a network of radical individuals teaching the world to live #openarted.

Find out what that means to you, click here.


All that bad news got you down? Restore your faith in humanity here! 

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