emergingMy biggest fear in this “crisis” is that I’m doing all this work for “nothing” and that I’m being “stupid” or “naive.” Here it is helpful for me (and hopefully for you) to remind myself of the process of writing my senior paper (the biggest project I have worked on at length to this date.) I wrote a LOT of papers in college, so I was quite familiar with the process and when it came time to write my thesis in some ways I was able to step back and observe the mechanics of how it was coming together. For once I actually got out of my own way and let myself “just do my thing.” So to speak. I need to remember this at this mid stage of trying to get my life afloat because I think it is reflective of my overall process in general.

  1. the gathering stage
  2. The sifting stage-and resifting, and reresifting… until the outline of the picture in the puzzle starts to appear
  3. Putting the puzzle together/synthesis
  4. Editing and refining

Somewhere in the middle there is always a crisis where I don’t think I can do it and am not sure the magic will work for me this time. Eventually, there will be an aha! Moment where I *finally* know what it all means and I know that the “magic” has worked. The magic has never *not* worked.

I’ve been going through the same process with Open Art. Open Art isn’t just some fake marketing techniques for selling shirts. This is my life’s work. I very much want to live #openarted as a very real and important thing and to help mother people to find their own version of #openart in their own lives, for the peace and prosperity of all. In the same way that I “know” that there is meat to a research topic, I “know” that there is something to OpenArt. I just have to find the way through. And I “know” how to do that, too: The way in is most of them the way out.


I have been information gathering for this for some time. I’ve probably been hung up on this stage, most likely out of fear of failure. Now it is time to start synthesizing my materials and separating wheat from chaff.

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